Install ODI 12c Studio – Ubuntu 16.04 or Elementary OS Loki

Download ODI 12c Studio Disks 1 & 2


joshua@LOKI:~/Downloads$ sudo mv /opt/odi12c/

joshua@LOKI:~/Downloads$ ls  jdk-8u111-linux-x64.tar.gz         tiliado-repositories_0.4.1-1_all.deb

jdk-7u76-linux-x64.tar.gz          SQLdev_connections_export_02-NOV-2016.xml  sqldev_icon_new.png

joshua@LOKI:~/Downloads$ sudo mv /opt/odi12c/

joshua@LOKI:~/Downloads$ cd /opt/odi12c/

joshua@LOKI:/opt/odi12c$ ls

joshua@LOKI:/opt/odi12c$ sudo unzip


inflating: fmw_12.

inflating: fmw_12212_readme.htm

joshua@LOKI:/opt/odi12c$ sudo unzip


inflating: fmw_12.

joshua@LOKI:/opt/odi12c$ ls

fmw_12.  fmw_12.  fmw_12212_readme.htm

joshua@LOKI:/opt/odi12c$ sudo /opt/java/jdk1.8.0_111/bin/java -jar fmw_12.

Launcher log file is /tmp/OraInstall2016-11-03_03-11-38PM/launcher2016-11-03_03-11-38PM.log.

Extracting the installer . . . . . . . Done

The current user is root or has superuser privilege.

The Oracle Universal Installer cannot continue.

The log is located here: /tmp/OraInstall2016-11-03_03-11-38PM/launcher2016-11-03_03-11-38PM.log.

joshua@LOKI:/opt/odi12c$ /opt/java/jdk1.8.0_111/bin/java -jar fmw_12.

Launcher log file is /tmp/OraInstall2016-11-03_03-12-08PM/launcher2016-11-03_03-12-08PM.log.

Extracting the installer . . . . . . . Done

Checking if CPU speed is above 300 MHz.   Actual 2738.328 MHz    Passed

Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors.   Actual 16777216    Passed

Checking swap space: must be greater than 512 MB.   Actual 15793 MB    Passed

Checking if this platform requires a 64-bit JVM.   Actual 64    Passed (64-bit not required)

Checking temp space: must be greater than 300 MB.   Actual 176591 MB    Passed

Preparing to launch the Oracle Universal Installer from /tmp/OraInstall2016-11-03_03-12-08P

  • Problem: This Oracle software was not certified on the current operating system at the time it was made generally available. It may have been certified following general availability. Recommendation: Check the Supported System Configurations Guide ( for further details. If your operating system is certified and no other prerequisite checks have failed, press “Next” if you wish to continue. Expected result: One of redhat-7,redhat-6,oracle-6,oracle-7,SuSE-11,SuSE-12 Actual result: (Unknown OS version)

It’s safe to just click “Next” through this warning.

After completing the install, you’ll need to launch ODI Studio and specify the full path to the necessary jdk (jdk 8 in this instance). You could also manually update the product.conf file listed.

Navigate to the executable and launch ODI studio.

joshua@LOKI:~/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home/odi/studio/bin$ ./odi

Oracle Data Integrator 12c (

Copyright (c) 1997, 2016, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

Type the full pathname of a JDK installation (or Ctrl-C to quit), the path will be stored in /home/joshua/.odi/


You can now run ODI 12c Studio via CLI

I wanted to create  a custom icon and desktop application link.


Created a copy of logo.png as this is a nice transparent image.

Cropped the image to just include the small red, white & blue icon.

Saved as icon.png

> cd /usr/share/applications

> sudo vim odi12c.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Oracle Data Integrator 12c


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