Paper Proposals Selected for OAUG Collaborate 2016

Taming Oracle EBS R12.x Accrual Reconciliation Load

Following our EBS R12.1.3 upgrade, we experienced inconsistent runtime and resource utilization with the Accrual Reconciliation Load program. During one month end close, a plant accountant could run accrual reconciliation for three years of data in under 10 hours. The next month, the same amount of data would take upwards of 30 hours to load. This behavior made it hard to plan for month end closure; successful accrual load being crucial to the finals for the month. Through multiple rounds of testing, we were able to complete the reconciliation process with nearly 15 years of data in just 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Tuning systems to alleviate decreased month end close performance after upgrading to R12 Subledger Accounting from 11i. Reducing Create Accounting completion time by 97% and reducing archivelog generation by 58%. In R12, the Create Accounting Program, GMFAACCP, would stall our production EBS. We were able to decrease the Create Accounting Program for OPM Production Subledger run-time from an original 22 hours to an average of 30 minutes. This was accomplished by modifying: huge pages, SGA, DBWr processes, subledger processor defaults and indexes. These actions compressed our period close process, saving an entire day.




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