Regenerate Secure DBC file in Oracle EBS R12, R12.x

Most blog posts that I’ve seen have the directory listed incorrectly. As you’ll see in the following example, you will need to venture down $INST_TOP and not $COMMON_TOP to locate  This instance was recently upgraded from to 12.1.3

Navigate to $INST_TOP/admin/install/

mt-test1[test1 /mttest1/oracle/test1/apps/apps_st/comn]> cd $INST_TOP/admin/install


mt-test1[test1 /mttest1/oracle/test1/inst/apps/test1_vm-mt-test1/admin/install]> ls     adupdlobs.sql  bisadmprf.sql    gui_key.ini    bisdblrp.sql

adadmprf.sql   afadmprf.sql      ibywebprf.sql

adadmrat.sql    cctclean.sql     icxwebprf.sql   clnadmprf.sql     cncmprf.sql      igccmprf.sql      txkJavaMailerCfg.sql    afcpgsm.sql    cseadmprf.sql    jtfirip.sql    csfadmprf.sql

admk80ln.sql   afcpnode.sql   csiadmprf.sql    mwa.cfg    default_key.ini   txkWebServicesCfg.sql    afgcsreg.sql   device.cfg       mwamscasvc.sql      afwebprf.sql   deviceIP.ini    txkWfClone.sql

adupdbid.sql   amscmprf.sql   eamadmprf.sql    okladmprf.sql   wshadmprf.sql   amswebprf.sql  fteadmprf.sql    oksfrmprf.sql

mt-test1[test1 /mttest1/oracle/test1/inst/apps/test1_vm-mt-test1/admin/install]> ./ started at Thu Dec  5 09:06:13 CST 2013


Enter the APPS username: apps


Enter the APPS password:


SQL*Plus: Release – Production on Thu Dec 5 09:06:16 2013


Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle.  All rights reserved.


Enter value for 1: Enter value for 2: Enter value for 3: Connected.


Application Id : 0

Profile Value  : test1

Level Name: SITE

INFO           : Updated/created profile option value.



PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.


Commit complete.


Disconnected from Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production

With the Partitioning and OLAP options



* * * * DBC PARAMETERS * * * *











* * * * NO CUSTOM PARAMETERS * * * *



Unique constraint error (00001) is OK if key already exists


Creating the DBC file…

Application server ID already exists for this host – loading..

ADD executed successfully – /mttest1/oracle/test1/inst/apps/test1_vm-mt-test1/appl/fnd/12.0.0/secure/test1.dbc


Updating Server Security Authentication

ignoring @test1 specification, using DBC file

AUTHENTICATION SECURE executed successfully – /mttest1/oracle/test1/inst/apps/test1_vm-mt-test1/appl/fnd/12.0.0/secure/test1.dbc ended at Thu Dec  5 09:06:25 CST 2013 exiting with status 0


mt-test1[test1 /mttest1/oracle/test1/inst/apps/test1_vm-mt-test1/admin/install]>


Now you have a secure authentication file that you can propagate to the other servers in your environment.


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